Sexual Harassment

Starting on page 103…

Ricky, the Fabrication Line Manager, was handing out paychecks to the female Assemblers as he approached Martina with her check in hand. 

You want your check, honey? he asked her, What are you willing to do for it?

I already did what I’m willing to do for it, said Martina as she held out her hand.

Wanna have lunch with me, baby? Ricky leered at her. Go for a ride in my Road Runner? He winked and smiled at her as he rubbed himself.

No, thank you, said Martina, who was bright red. 

Ricky laughed as Martina continued to hold out her hand. He finally handed it over then moved on to Anna, the Fabrication Line Supervisor, and the highest ranking female on the Plant floor.

Here’s your check, sweet cheeks, he said as he held it up just out of her reach.

You can call me Anna, she said, It’s actually my name.

OK, sweet cheeks. Got it, he said with a huge smile as he handed over her check then moved on to Carlotta. 

Hey, Mama. You want your paycheck, Mija?

Carlotta, 18, wasn’t used to Ricky’s games on payday. Yes, please. It’s why I’m here, she said, trying to make light of it. She held out her hand.

I thought you were here to show off that fine ass, Ricky said as he looked her up and down, his eyes landing on her butt, just as he patted it.

No! Carlotta said as she pulled away quickly and still didn’t have her check.

Ricky laughed, Keep bringin’ that beautiful ass in here, Mama. OK? And I’ll keep giving you paychecks, OK? 

He made kissing noises and handed over her check. Her face was bright red and she was practically in tears. She wasn’t used to this level of sexual harassment yet.