Shadow Valley

Diane Brazil

Shadow Valley takes you into the fictional but reality-based world of TransChip Technologies to experience life in Silicon Valley in the early 1970s when it was beginning to emerge as the rapid-beating heart of the technology industry. Meet the characters, hear their stories, and learn how massive wealth was created for a few and un-unionizable workplaces were created for the workers.

Shadow Valley Book

Shadow Valley

Shadow Valley is a story of work and life in a fictional Silicon Valley computer chip manufacturer in 1972 and 1973, at the birth of the technology industry and the emergence of Silicon Valley as its heart and brain.

Populated by characters based on real people and stories based on real events, employees of TransChip Technologies, from the assembly lines to the seas of cubicles to the executive ivory towers take you through experiences of technology workers and executives in the early 1970s, written by a fly-on-the-wall technology and business journalist who worked inside the industry for 45 years.